Flying Flipper Superfly GTO

Superfly GTO is the latest addition to Flying Flipper’s new fleet. Introducing you the new, fast and open version for this perfomance series

While designing the Superfly GTO, which was designed as the open model of Superfly GT, my primary criterion was to preserve the design lines I created in Superfly GT.

When I added Flying Flipper's spirit in the race history to the design process, all missing lines were completed automatically. It was supposed to be a family boat as well as a stunning and innovative racing boat.Therefore she isa game changer and what we like to call a real superboat.

The Superfly GT 42 is the only boat that combines outstanding driving and racing performance with excellent family comfort. Superfly GT 42 is a unique fusion of power, elegance and utility that pushes the boundaries of sports driving pleasure.

The new Superfly GT 42 is produced by using light weight carbon, allowing maximum strength at minimum weight costs. Other unique features is the automatic glass hard top, and of corse the great combinations of modern power solutions. From double Mercury 400 HP up to triple Seven Marine 627 HP, giving you 1881 HP on the stern. You can also order the Superfly GT in a hybrid version with two outboard engines and an electric motor in the center from Torqueedo. Flying Flipper designed, while I was working @redyachtdesign as the chief exterior designer

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  • Project Chief Exterior Designer: Serdar Şişman
  • Brand: Flying Flipper