Sleep Clocker

Much more than a clock

This product, which is the same family product as the Desk Clocker product group, was developed to do more than a classic sleep tracker, and it is aimed to have A Plus quality. In addition to the clock look design, it was given care to the appearance of the table lamp. In accordance with these criteria, a design was created with aesthetic concerns by blending aluminum, wood, chrome and glass materials on it.

One of the main features of the device is sleep tracking. It examines in-room light intensity, air quality and sound level throughout the day. It provides to get a better quality sleep experience with giving information about the room with its analysis. It analyzes the situations and time intervals in which you go into deep sleep and in what situations you cannot sleep. In addition, it can create various white noise for you to sleep comfortably. It can simulate natural light to wake you up when  you don't sleep deeply so that you can wake up more naturally.

In addition to all these, you can also undertake various tasks. It can provide various personalization opportunities to get a habit of reading books before going to bed or to obtain various data about the duration and continuity of this habit. It can encourage you to read books, take notes on the books you have read, and guide you to read books more effectively. You can also add reminders like having a glass of water before bed. It can accompany you with your favorite radio stations during the day,and provide information about the day. Also, It can send a command for coffee making  to the connected coffee machine just before it wakes you up. This sleep analyzer, which offers many features such as these, has been designed as a premium device and equipped with many innovative technologies according to its era.

  • Designed by Serdar Şişman
  • Firm : CAVME GROUP
  • Computer Graphics : Refik Baykal