Desk Clocker

Much More Than a Clock

This product, which is the same family product as the Sleep Clocker product group, is an assistant of work. This design, which is aimed to have A Plus quality, not only exhibits the appearance of a clock, but also serves as a relaxing table lamp thanks to the lighting behind it. In accordance with these criteria, a design was created with aesthetic concerns by blending aluminum, chrome and wood materials on it.

It monitors the light, sound and air quality by analyzing the disturbing factors in the work environment,as well as observing your activities on the table, what distracts you and how long you work. In this way, you can learn time intervals and the performance level during working and It can help you update yourself and your working environment in line with its analysis. In this way, you can learn the time intervals and performance level during work. This product can also help you update yourself and your working environment based on analysis.

In addition to these, it can also remind you by making various notifications. It can also send you a notification if it detects too much immobility or posture disorder. Thanks to the learning mode, it actively helps you by predicting the information you need or not to be disturbed. As you can do all of these automatically with the learning feature, you can also make manual adjustments yourself and customize it as you wish.

This device, which offers many features of customization and will help you in your work, has been designed as a premium device and equipped with many innovative technologies according to its era.

  • Designed by Serdar Şişman
  • Firm : CAVME GROUP
  • Computer Graphics : Refik Baykal