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Serdar Şişman, who was born in Rize in 1987, studied at Department of Industrial Design at Marmara University Faculty of Fine Design between 2006 - 2010.

Most of his studies during his education were mentioned to design books, and some of them were deemed worthy of various design awards. After his graduation, he worked with Ömer Ünal, Ümit Altun, and developed his projects on product and yacht designs with Scaro Design and Demirden Design offices. In addition to yacht designs, he designed an electric car for using in cities for a Turkish entrepreneur. He provided design services to many companies, including companies such as Karaca, Netpak, Daikin, Carpex, Cavme Group.

He worked as a founding partner and chief exterior designer at Red Yacht Design, which he founded with a naval engineer and an interior architect between 2011-2020. In this process, many of his designs were awarded many awards such as A Design Award and German Design Award.

Currently,he continues his career under the name of Serdar Şişman Design Studio. It continues to offer creative solutions to its customers and to serve in many different disciplines in addition to product and yacht design studies.

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Today, the design process is a concept created by the factors and criterias  such as capital investment, market share, ease of production, dissemination, growth, distribution, maintenance, service, performance, quality, ecological issues and sustainability instead of the concepts such as human experience, social behavior, global, economic and political issues, physical and mental interaction, form, vision and contemporary culture. Good design can be achieved by reaching the correct aroma of all these criteria. We need the right design to develop and inform our physical space, visual culture and contemporary human experience. Every business must have aesthetic concerns, eventually, the perception of design and aesthetics is a need of human. Design has been the cultural shaper of our world since the beginning. Design should be concerned with our lives getting better aesthetically, sensually and emotionally In this way, our lives will be shaped with more inspiring, creative and contemporary thoughts. It should be one of the primary goals of a designer to instill the society in the design culture, to include it in every stage of his life and to think within the aesthetic perception.


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In each project, we offer a solution that combines our vision with the expertise of our customers to bring life to objects that are aesthetic, functional, producible, progressive and economically feasible. We work with big companies and new companies to create and develop almost every consumer goods, game-changing concepts in its category. We provide industrial design services from the beginning of the concept to design development, detailing, prototyping and guidance in production.

  • Product Design
  • Vehicle Design
  • Interior Design
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We provide three-dimensional services with our solution partners who are professional in their fields, growing and experienced day by day. In this way, we develop studies collectively and bring different concepts together. We get rid of the patched design perception and provide service at all stages of the project until turnkey delivery.

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